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Tweet your ‘apt-get’! Let Twitter keep track of whatever you install in Ubuntu October 5, 2008

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If you are like me who often likes to test one of the thousand applications available for Ubuntu and like to keep track of whatever you install or remove, here is a script for you. This script, tapt, tweets whatever you install, remove or perform other operations with ‘apt-get’ in Ubuntu to your Tweeter account.


Click here for more details on this script

Power of Wonderful Linux Terminal – 10 Challenges for Windows Users October 1, 2008

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Enough said about Linux being free. You shouldn’t use anything just for the reason that it’s free. This post is for those Linux users who underestimate the power of Linux Terminal and for those Windows users who thinks that Linux is useless.


Install MS Office 2007 in Linux April 9, 2008

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Though there are many alternatives for MS Office, no doubt MS Office 2007 is a winner. If you want to install MS 2007 in Linux follow these steps:

Install Bulky Linux Distribution Without Burning a CD April 7, 2008

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This tutorial is about installing Fedora Linux without burning a CD/DVD.

Scenario/ Assumption:
1) You have Microsoft Windows
2) You have your system drive as C: (No matter whether it is FAT or NTFS)
3) You have Fedora .ISO files in the root directory of some partition (the partition must be FAT!)
4) You need to have a program that can open up the .ISO files. You can use free file archiver. 7zip works great. In this tutorial I am using Winrar.