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Disable Accidental Touchpad Tapping While Typing April 8, 2008

Posted by askgel in touchpad.
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Often when you are typing, your thumb touches the touchpad and the typing start from another position. Follow these steps to disable accidental touchpad tapping:


Install Bulky Linux Distribution Without Burning a CD April 7, 2008

Posted by askgel in Installation, Linux, Software.
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This tutorial is about installing Fedora Linux without burning a CD/DVD.

Scenario/ Assumption:
1) You have Microsoft Windows
2) You have your system drive as C: (No matter whether it is FAT or NTFS)
3) You have Fedora .ISO files in the root directory of some partition (the partition must be FAT!)
4) You need to have a program that can open up the .ISO files. You can use free file archiver. 7zip works great. In this tutorial I am using Winrar.