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Tweet your ‘apt-get’! Let Twitter keep track of whatever you install in Ubuntu October 5, 2008

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If you are like me who often likes to test one of the thousand applications available for Ubuntu and like to keep track of whatever you install or remove, here is a script for you. This script, tapt, tweets whatever you install, remove or perform other operations with ‘apt-get’ in Ubuntu to your Tweeter account.


Click here for more details on this script

A day with Digg Effect – when the hosting sucks! September 30, 2008

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Much to my surprise, when I opened Digg’s front page yesterday morning, my post on Gmail+Weather+Beauty+Conky, I wish I was Mac but now I am happy that I am Ubuntu, was on the front page. It had only made 84 Diggs but was sitting right on the first position. A dream came true for a blogger!


Gmail+Weather+Beauty right on your Ubuntu desktop September 27, 2008

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[Update:After being hit severely by ‘Digg Effect’ when this post made to the front page this morning, this site is back again. Thank you for your patience, Diggs (Buries) and Comments folks! Digg on!]

Ever wished that you had new mails notifications right on your desktop? Ever wished you knew the weather info right on your desktop? Ever wished you had your hardware information right on your desktop? Ever wished your desktop was productive and beautiful at the same time? Ever wished you didn’t have to use Mac4Lin theme to hide the ‘ugliness’ of Ubuntu’s native appearance? Ever wished you had a desktop that looked as beautiful as mine? Let’s fulfil your wish:

Desktop Screenshot with Gnome-Do


Unfreezing Your Linux Desktop April 14, 2008

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A friend of mine writes “…when I open some heavy sites with Firefox, my Ubuntu desktop gets freeze. I can’t close the Firefox so I find no other way than to restart my system. Aren’t there any other ways to unfreeze the system without restarting?”
Yes there are!

Customizing Your GRUB Screen April 13, 2008

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Ever wanted to show your favorite image as your GRUB splash screen in Ubuntu something similar to other distros such as Fedora? Follow these steps: