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The internet is huge and every small information which you are looking for is somewhere there. But the most difficult task is to find them. Usually we want a small tip or a small tweak to make our system work but we have to go through a bunch of unnecessary steps to find them. We have to read all the threads and replies in forum, if somebody has written about the solution in his blog then also we have to read all his personal activities like how he met his friend and while enjoying the beer party one of the friends came and asked him to troubleshoot his computer. Then he did this and that and then it didn’t work, finally he did that, he install that and then asked the friend for another bottle of beer and finally after following some steps he succeeded. Whew! Why do we need to read all those unnecessary intermediate steps when we just are interested in the solution?

This is a blog about quick tweaking your system without much theory and without any personal description. Most of the tweaks will be about Linux but if I found anything for other Operating Systems, I will also try to include that.

Please be noted that in this blog I will just try to collect some useful tweaks from the internet. So, the possibility is that you might be the first one to find a tweak and then you got the exact tweak in this blog. If you want to claim the tweak, you can do that. I would be more than happy to include your name in the post referring you as the original author of the tweak. Also, if you want to write a post with your name in it, you can do that. You can link back to your original post too. Just drop a comment somewhere.


1. Naresh - May 4, 2008


Very nice site
and thanks a lot for the information
Your wordpress theme is awesome
which theme it is?

2. askme - October 4, 2008

Thanks for this site. You are awesome!

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