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Ubuntu 8.10 hits beta; the look lets the fans down again October 2, 2008

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Ubuntu 8.10 intrepid Ibex beta hit the market today but its appearance ONCE AGAIN came as a great disappointment. Since this is a beta version, we can’t expect any change in the features now. All the works, which will be done until the final version hits the market on 30th October, will be only to fix the bugs. So, just keep your finger corssed until Jaunty Jackalope is released. If you are disappointed with the current appearance of your favorite Linux distro, here are some ways to give it a new fancy life again.


Everything is right about Ubuntu expect its look.  Changing its appearance is one of the highly requested features by many fans around the world. Fans were expecting a change with Hardy Heron, but it didn’t happen. They had a lot of expectations with Intrepid Ibex but it came with nothing more than small color changes and this non-sense wallpaper:

The ugliest wallpaper ever

The ugliest wallpaper ever

If you hate Ubunut’s default appearance, here are some ways to make it look best of the all OSes


After a couple of hours your ugly desktop should more beautiful then mine:

Desktop Screenshot with Gnome-Do

Desktop Screenshot with conky, AWN, Scaled Black mod theme, and Gnome-Do

Let’s hope Jackalope comes in a new look.
If you have a beautiful looking desktop, share with us. Shoot an email to admin[at]quickktweaks[dot]com with the screenshot(s) of your desktop. Beautiful ones will get published.


1. web design - October 3, 2008

When is this “Prettier than OSX” supposed to happen?

2. Trent - October 3, 2008

At some point the developers have to sit back and think, no one is going to use something that looks like crap. Yes I love using it because I think its a wonderful operating system, but the average Joe isn’t going to be interested.

Its like buying a car, sure I want a car that runs good, but I’m not going to buy the ugliest car(not that you have to pay for Ubuntu). Furthermore there have been some beautiful examples drawn up and submitted to ubuntu. Any of them would be 10 -1 better than what we have. Hopefully they’re just teasing and have something big in store for the final release!

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