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Fixing your microphones to work in Ubuntu August 26, 2008

Posted by askgel in Hardware, Linux, sound.
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Sometimes some simple things easily drive you nuts – like fixing your microphones to work in Ubuntu. It took me more than 3 hours to get my internal and external microphones work after reading several forums and after several trial-and-errors. And finally it turned out that it just take 3 simple steps:



Analyze and visualize your Gmail-ing trends August 26, 2008

Posted by askgel in Installation, Linux.
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Want to know who sends you the emails most often, or which is the year/month/day/hour you receive the emails most? With the help of a handy program called mail-trends you can easily visualize your Gmail-ing activities. Though it is a command line program but the output is a graphically rich interactive html file. And take my words, the command to launch the program is very simple.